‘Tonight With James Bartholet’ Debuts

Adult film star and mainstream actor, James Bartholet is set to launch an all-new internet talk show. "Tonight With James Bartholet" is set to include many well-known celebrity guests, both in and out of the adult industry. Filmed live in front of a studio audience, the show also features live musical acts that range from chart-topping groups to promising up-and-coming acts. 

"Tonight" promises to be a fun and entertaining program that will strive to appeal to a wide demographic.

Bartholet, who is busy working on two mainstream films, said he loves working in both industries. He also has started an acting workshop for adult film actors, since some adult performers are crossing over to do mainstream work—and because adult films are beginning to adopt mainstream filmmaking standards and production values.

"There are some good actors in the industry, and the majority of people out there in the mainstream world think that adult performers are bad actors," said Bartholet. "I'd like to show them they're not. You can act and be a great sexual performer on screen, as well."

A co-star in SexZ Pictures' upcoming The Real Boogie Nights—directed by and starring Kurt Lockwood, and featuring Ron Jeremy, Amber Lynn, and Sunny Lane—Bartholet also is in the upcoming Malibu Moms series with Lynn Le May and in the upcoming Jennifer James release Extra Extra.

"Tonight With James Bartholet" can be seen every Tuesday night from 7-9 p.m. (PST) on Prime Time Uncensored. Viewers can email or call in to talk with guests or win promotional items.