6-6-06: SatanCash Goes Live

A more appropriate date most certainly couldn’t be found. The sixth day of the sixth month in the sixth year of the millennium – 6-6-06 – marks the debut of SatanCash.com, the affiliate program helmed by Pete KT and Mike Vega.

The program launches with five sites: amateur site AmysWorld.com, XXXPierced.com, XXXPantySniff.com, XXXPiercedHoes.com, and SheNeedsPussy.com.

Along with various marketing tools, affiliates receive up to a 60-percent revshare and a fully loaded rewards store.

“I’m very excited about this project,” Says Vega, SatanCash’s co-owner and marketing director. “With Pete’s tech background and my background in marketing, I feel we can give affiliates and surfers what they need. I look forward to steady growth, and we are already putting together a phase two to be released in a few months’ time.”