4FreeLive.com Debuts With 50 Percent Payout On Webcams

The folks at WoodyCash.com have launched 4FreeLive.com, a live Webcam site, and are celebrating by offering 50 percent off all purchases through December 31, 2003.

"We have developed a proprietary streaming software that utilizes the newest technology in the industry to deliver our feeds at the highest possible frame rate on either DSL/cable or dialup connections," 4FreeLive.com director of sales and marketing Forest Williams told AVN.com. "Our site differs from most in the speed of our streams to the end user, the surfers."

In addition, 4FreeLive.com is giving every surfer who joins their sites lifetime memberships for $4.68 and five free minutes to spend in private interaction with the model of their choice.

"The five free minutes to all new members who buy our $4.68 lifetime membership is to allow them to see the true quality of the video delivery," added Williams. "Live Webcam companies rely on weekly recurring revenues from their members, not monthly like a membership site. We felt once the customer experienced the quality of our models and video speeds, they would come back again and again. So far, so good. Recurring for us right now is amazing."

4FreeLive.com plans on adding many other features to the site in the new year.

"We are adding Latinas in January, hardcore boy-girl and lesbian shows to the site, and we will have multiple per-minute spending options on the site in the next two weeks," said Williams. "This will allow the customer to decide how to spend his/her money. Pricing options will range from .59 per minute to $4.99 per minute depending on the show and level of interaction. Give them many ways to pay and they will.”