2000Charge Launches Check NSF Recovery Service

Altbiller 2000Charge now offers a check recovery service, the company announced.

The company’s Internet-based application operates on multiple fronts, compiling information on consumer checks and managing the entire recovery process.

2000Charge’s CRS works for online check (ACH) and EU-Debit products and employs traditional and advancedrecovery collection methods. In addition, 2000Charge clients benefit from real-time automatic remittance of funds directly to their merchant accounts.

“Collections are never easy, and when it involves Internet sales, the task can grow even more burdensome,” says Wolf Kring, chief executive of 2000Charge. “Every recovery is handled smoothly. This allows us to recover your funds and restore your relationships with valuable customers at the same time. Our national and international collectors boast years of experience in Internet collections, and they’re waiting to put their proven record of success to work for you.”