'20/20' to Air Piece on Savanna Samson Tonight

NEW YORK—ABC news magazine program 20/20 delves into the life of former Vivid Entertainment contract star Savanna Samson in a segment on this evening's edition of the show, broadcasting at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Focusing on Samson's endeavor to rectify her porn history with being a good mother to 10-year-old son Lucchino, as well as her ongoing entrepreneurial efforts as owner of Savanna Wines, the piece promises to paint her in a non-condescending light.

In a preview synopsis of the segment on ABC's website, Samson is quoted as saying, "I'm a porn star, yes ... and I don't mind that title. It's given me a life of luxury and success. ... And, morally speaking, that's what's confusing about me, is that I do have morals. And yet, it's contradictory, I guess, by the industry I'm in."