Grooby Releases ‘Grooby Girls vs. Bad Dragon’ on DVD

LOS ANGELES—Grooby announced their latest DVD, Grooby Girls vs. Bad Dragon, a fantasy wrestling-themed series pairing up four of the industry’s toughest contenders against Bad Dragon’s most popular toys. The Grooby Platinum DVD is now available for purchase at the

“This was a really fun movie to shoot. We rented a wrestling ring and enlisted four performers we knew would be up to the task of battling some of Bad Dragon’s biggest toys,” said Steven Grooby. “If you like the campy tone of 80’s wrestling, director Buddy Wood incorporated that into his unique style of shooting.” 

Grooby Girls vs. Bad Dragon stars Alexandra Vexx as Jäger, Lena Kelly as Princess the Twisted Fister, Lianna Lawson as Bonesaw, Natalie Chen as Ninja Assassin. Each contender goes up against one of Bad Dragon’s most popular toys (in increasing size): Nocturne, Pearce, Kona, and Echo. The toys seen in this ground-breaking series can be purchased directly at The movie is available for purchase and streaming at