Post-Op TS Site,, Launches From Grooby

LOS ANGELES—Trans erotica leader Grooby has launched its newest membership site, is part of the Grooby Multi-Site Network, which includes access to,,,,,,,, and

“We've always been supportive of showing trans models through all stages of their transition and has shown models who have had their gender confirmation surgery since almost the beginning,” said Steven Grooby. “Whilst there are always the detractors complaining that these models aren't what they want to see, there has also been a core group who have enjoyed seeing the models after surgery, and showing their confidence in their new look and something that many of them had been awaiting their whole lives. Many of the models we're showing have started working with us before their surgery and are returning to show us their new look. I think by showing a set of their older content, it provides a unique perspective and I don't know of another website that does that.”

The site features performers such as Jenny Conder, Holly Parker, Monica Jade, Samantha Fox, and many more.

“I don't believe all trans people need to have corrective surgery and certainly no one individual is better than another for having or not having had the surgery,” Grooby added. “Each individual makes their own choices in what will ultimately make them feel the happiest. I'm just excited that we can show these models on a site of their own, and perhaps educate and entice interested parties to enjoy.”

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