Grooby Announces New Initiative to Remove Unwanted 'Hate' Tattoos

LOS ANGELES—Agents for adult performers often comment that the more tattoos their clients have, the less work they're likely to get in front of the camera. It is partly that reality that's inspired Steven Grooby, owner of the Grooby Network's collection of trans-friendly websites, to announce his company's new program for trans performers who want financial assistance to have their “hate” tattoos removed or covered up.

“Over the years we've had models come to shoots with tattoos that they tried to hide from us or were ashamed of,” said Grooby. “We've usually left it to the producers' discretion and either turned away models or covered the tattoos up. Many performers we work with come from estranged backgrounds, and I've never been from the school of thought that people can’t change. I believe in the importance of giving people a second chance. We have people who are having problems getting work either in the industry or outside of it from a mistake they made many years ago. If this can help these individuals move forward, then I believe it's a good initiative.”

Kristel Penn added, “Those interested should contact us directly. Everything here is confidential and our offer to help remove/cover your tattoo does that oblige anyone to work for us in any capacity and does not suggest we will have work for them. This is just a gesture of good faith and one we hope helps those who take part in it.”

Those interested may contact [email protected]. Grooby is also looking for tattoo artists who would be willing to work together with the company and transgender performers on this initiative.