Carmen Moore, Popular Transgender Actress, Passes

LAS VEGAS, Nev.—Carmen Moore, a transgender performer who entered the adult industry at roughly the same time as her "sister in arms" Jessica Fox, has died. She was 32 years old. No cause of death has yet been revealed, in part because, according to Fox, "At this time, our family would appreciate privacy around the whole situation during this tragedy. Maybe sometime in the future after we grieve, we'll be able to honor her and maybe then we'll be able to talk, but as of now, we'd appreciate as much privacy as we can. The only questions we'll be answering are how we can honor her and show respect to our sister."

Fox's reference to Moore as her sister has deep origins. The pair grew up together in a Native American village in northern Arizona from childhood, and according to Fox, "She was a mentor to me.

"Our culture embraced trans women," she continued. "In our culture, it wasn't male or female; we recognize five genders and we were very blessed for growing up in the community that we did because we were never harmed, we were never hurt; we always had this strong community support system so that we were able to flourish into the women that we are, and we had very, very strong grandmothers who embraced us and kept us safe, and no one was able to say anything about us, and we were very close to them. We had trans cousins and trans sisters; Carmen had a younger trans sister as well, blood sister who was very close to us. We had this amazing family support system that was there and we were able to flourish into the beautiful women that we are.

"When I first started transitioning, she was a little ahead in her transition, and I remember just the tiny little things like hair and makeup; I learned a lot from her because she was an older sister to me," Fox recalled. "I learned how to love, I learned how to be in relationships from her. She walked me through a lot. She even helped me in getting into the adult industry, and I'm so proud to say she was my sister, especially with what she did with the Sundance film that Robert Redford had featured her in."

That film, Drunktown's Finest, was a nominee for "Best of Next!" at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, and won high awards at six film festivals in 2014, including the American Indian Film Festival and L.A. Outfest.

"Robert Redford and his team, they reached out to a friend of ours and they recommended Carmen for the role, and she ended up landing the role, which was pretty big," Fox recalled. "She was one of the lead characters, and I think, really, a lot of people in the trans community, especially the Native American trans community, could relate to her character in the film, and just seeing her shine in a film like that—I remember watching her in a movie theater in Phoenix, and the entire time, I was just so proud knowing that that was my sister."

According to the Internet Movie Database, the film's plot revolved around "three young Native Americans—an adopted Christian girl, a rebellious father-to-be, and a promiscuous transsexual—[who] strive to escape the hardships of life on an Indian reservation." Moore, of course, played Felixia, the "promiscuous transsexual," and would have completed the role even as she was apparently about to take a hiatus from her XXX acting, having appeared in only one adult film in 2015 and one in 2017.

A 2014 nominee for Transsexual Performer of the Year, Moore got into XXX in 2008. Of the 34 original features (and three web scenes) in which she appeared, 11 were for Steve Volponi's Goodfellas imprint at Devil's Film.

"Over the years, when I was filming, there were these three girls—I joked that they were the 'three little Indians'—but they were Jamie Page, Carmen Moore and Jessica Fox and they were my go-to's," director Steve Volponi told AVN. "They were always on time, and I'm just sickened to hear what happened. The news was kind of a shock, especially with her being so young. I considered all three of them good friends. I always told them, if there's something wrong, if they needed something, give me a call, and Jessica texted me from her phone, saying that they'd lost Carmen, and I just couldn't believe it. I just saw them both at the last AVN show; they came to visit me at the suite and we went out, had a couple of drinks, and I really considered them really good friends. It's just sad."

Volponi used Moore, Page and Fox more often than any of the other available trans performers—and with good reason.

"She [Carmen] was always responsible, always kept in contact with me, and I tried to give them as much work as I possibly could without overkill," he said. "They would give me a heads up if they were coming into town; they would always ring me and say, 'Hey, I'm gonna be here; if you have anything for me that you can put me in...' Carmen always was prepared with killer outfits; always looked her best. A lot of girls would show up with nothing, and a lot of times we would be running out to grab an outfit, but Carmen always came dressed to the nines; always ready to go; always looked phenomenal. I had her on the cover of probably three or four."

Volponi was also friendly with the trio socially, often inviting Fox over to watch Super Bowl games with him.

"Carmen was definitely one of the girls I could hang out with; go eat, go drink, totally just hang; joke around, be friends. Jessica too, same thing," he reminisced. "I know over the years, Carmen had some boyfriend issues, and sometimes she'd be up and sometimes she'd have down days and she would talk to me about it. For the most part, she was just a great girl, a great person. It's really sad; she's definitely going to be missed. I always looked forward to seeing her, whether at the show or wherever. It really sucks."

Moore worked for most of the biggest adult studios that shot trans material, including Evil Angel, Rodnievision, Grooby Productions, Pulse/Pure Play, Mile High and Exquisite, and several directors at those studios have fond memories of working with her.

"I remember her being fun and easy to work with; no attitude, just always a pleasant experience," recalled Rodnievision's Sammy Mancini. "I was very sorry to hear that she'd passed away."

"We’re saddened to hear of the passing of Carmen Moore, whom we were informed of her death earlier this week from a member of her family," read a eulogy posted on the Grooby Network website. "Carmen was a much loved, well-respected trans model who had worked in the adult industry across a 10-year span. ... She was one of, if not, the first Native American trans performers. Brought up on a reservation, she transitioned in middle school and then moved to Las Vegas where she began her career, working with our producers, PK Vegas and Buddy Wood on DVD releases and scenes for Grooby Girls. ... Our condolences go to her many friends and family. She will be very missed."

Many of Moore's fellow performers liked and admired her as well.

"I am saddened to hear about the passing of Carmen as she was truly a genuinely nice and sweet person," said Wendy McCown-Williams. "I briefly did some PR work with her in the beginning of her career and she was always so polite and professional. A fun memory: years ago, fellow performer Foxxy came to see me perform at a bar in Vegas and she brought Carmen and some other locals. She was so funny and was living life to the fullest. It was so sweet that they all came to support me."

"RIP to the lovely Carmen Moore, she was a sweet soul," wrote Kelly Pierce.

"Carmen was always very professional and super sweet," said Christian XXX. "I worked with her many times and she was beautiful and classy every time. I will miss her, and my sincere condolences go out to her loved ones."

"Ugh! I’m heartbroken," wrote Wolf Hudson on Twitter. "I just learned of the passing of Carmen Moore. What a sweet and gentle soul. I have so many fond memories of her. RIP lovely lady."

A fund has been set up to help Moore's family with funeral expenses and the like. The fund is called the Kymberly Yazzie Benefit Memorial Fund, and donations to it may be made at any branch of the Wells Fargo Bank; no account number needed, just the name.

UPDATE: Trans actress Foxxy supplied her own remembrance of her contacts with Carmen:

"I remember meeting Carmen Moore for the very first time back in 2005 in the girls bathroom at Empire Ballroom in Las Vegas. She had just moved to Vegas and she was alone at the venue and she complimented me on my dress and we began to talk. We clicked as soon as she mentioned she was originally from Arizona. As our conversation carried along, she told me she didn’t know anyone and was alone so I told her to join me and my friends for some fun. What bonded us was not only that she was from AZ but she asked if it was okay that she was Trans. I laughed and told her, 'We are too.'

"That was the beginning of our friendship as I took her under my wing and we were inseparable for the years to come. We went on trips together, had wild fun times in Vegas together, did shoots together, and you name it, we did it! She looked up to me and would always tell me she wanted to be like me, which was sweet to hear, being I was a few years older. It was like being a mentor but having that fun little sister you could trust and love and not help but to spend time with.

"Carmen was a very beautiful Navajo girl embraced by culture; so natural, reserved, generous, talented, naughty, but yet so classy. The only time I ever saw her showing a lot of skin was in a bikini during our vacations or on set for shoots lol. I would make her laugh so much that I can hear her laugh now in my head as I write this.

"My heart goes out to her younger trans sister Samantha, as I can only imagine the pain she is going through right now. Carmen did everything to take care of Sam through thick and thin. She was her sister and best friend. She called my mom 'Tia' (aunt) and they would go gambling, out for drinks and Carmen would come on family trips with us as she was considered family in my family’s hearts.

"Sadly, over the past couple years, we became distant due to personal issues we each had going on but that never stopped us from talking or texting even till a week prior to the heartbreaking news that shocked us all but especially those of us who loved her as family, including Jessica Fox and Jaime Paige who I know is taking it hard as they too were family to her since childhood. I wish I could have seen her one last time but I think it was best that I remain with the beautiful image of her in my heart forever. Till we meet again, sis, may the spirits guide you on your journey wherever it may take you and may you forever rest at peace."

Photo of Carmen Moore courtesy of Jessica Fox.