Bizarre Video Will Now Rep Two Tgirls in Distribution Deal

LOS ANGELES—The hybrid company Bizarre Video Corp./Joy Media Group has announced that it has entered an exclusive distribution deal with Mayumi Sparkles, CEO of Media LLC. The North American distributor has started offering DVDs, VOD, and broadcast licensing rights from the Two Tgirls studio’s multiple award-nominated movies to retailers immediately.

“The Two Tgirls rise in our industry as a studio has been most impressive,” Bizarre Video’s CEO Keith Gordon said. “Mayumi and her team havemanaged to deliver the highest quality TS content and it has become a proven winner for retailers on every platform. We’re very excited about this opportunity, and look forward to our continued growth together in building the Two Tgirls brand.”

Effective immediately, Bizarre will release one new DVD title per month from each of the studio’s membership site imprints: and The studio’s entire DVD library of nine titles is shipping now under new distribution company Joy Media Group to fill all retailer re-orders.

"We're very excited to make the switch in distribution. Pairing up with Bizarre/Joy Media Group seems like an obvious choice to grow our brand. It's good for our company, it's good for the retailers, and it's good for the customers. While others are only now beginning to test the waters of 4K video, Two Tgirls is the industry leader in high quality 4K t-girl video production. I anticipate big things coming out of this deal for everyone involved and I'm thankful for those who have helped bring us to this point," said Two Tgirls CEO Mayumi Sparkles.

Both companies announced they have selected veteran sales pro David Peskin to head all sales of the Two Tgirls studio label.

“I am honored to continue representing Two Tgirls to the marketplace. This is very special consumer-driven product. The fans just cannot get enough. We are most excited about the upcoming release and the continued amazing re-orders. In addition we will be releasing the first title from in March,” Peskin said.

Both companies announced at press time, the next release, Two Tgirls 7, is set to begin shipping on February 28.

Retailers not currently carrying the Two Tgirls titles can view the box covers and trailers here.

To stock Two Tgirls releases, contact Dave Peskin at [email protected] or (818) 237-5136, ext. 2305.