Zero Tolerance Ramps up Web Presence

LOS ANGELES - Adult entertainment company Zero Tolerance is increasing its Internet presence with new sites launched and planned.

"We are working diligently on creating a wide variety of niche sites that should satisfy most everyone’s needs," said Clement P., director of Web operations. "If someone is looking for a tattooed blonde giving a blow job outdoors – we will make it easy for them to access those scenes. Our goal is to make our customer’s online experience as pleasant as possible."

Focusing on HD content, ZT recently launched featuring black/interracial content from Black Ice Limited studios, as well as pushing its flagship site,, spotlighting Zero Tolerance Entertainment scenes, and, offering footage from 3rd Degree starring veteran porn stars.

"It’s really important to point out that not all HD is the same thing. So many sites these days say HD on their tour and they don’t even really understand what it means," Clement P. told "For example, a poorly lit room and older equipment used to shoot a no-name actress for what ends up being a video offered as a large file format size is not really High Definition even though they try to make the claim." 

"We’re also making great strides in ensuring that the quality of our online material is superior to our competitors and most importantly – tube sites," he added. "The difference in quality will be discernible, giving the customer motivation to visit our site. Again, whether we’re talking about the type of content offered online or the quality of the material, our philosophy has always been - and will always be – we must continue to go that extra mile to satisfy our customers’ needs."

ZT's online division has been working to convert trailers and content into HD, as well as placing material into a greater number of categories. The company also sees some of the most popular content as star-driven, from contemporary performers on to legendary names still at it on

"We recognize that these performers maintain huge – extremely loyal – followings," Clement P. said. "Our goal is to be recognized as the destination point for people searching for quality material of the biggest names in adult. For instance, we’re currently shooting Dyanna Lauren and have recently shot such world-renowned performers such as Amber Lynn, Debi Diamond, Lisa Ann, Brittany O’Connell and Tabitha Stevens. This is a trend that will definitely continue."

The company is taking the same tact for niche sites like the new

"We’d like Black Ice’s site to be recognized as 'the' destination point for the fan seeking the highest quality black-themed material," he said. "Obviously, having the largest HD Library of black and interracial material on the web will be a huge factor."

More sites are planned, but not in the immediate future as ZT focuses on this trio of key sites for now.

"We believe we now have the best three HD studio porn sites and members of our network get full access to all three," Clement P. told "Improving each site, frequently updating the network and providing the kind of continued evolution our consumers and affiliates have come to expect from us is now our top priority. Once they are completely satisfied with the three sites we do have, that’s when we will start to consider adding a fourth new one."

Promotions for the current sites are planned for consumers and webmasters, including $100 per paid signup bonus days for affiliates. 

"On the paysite side of things, we publish exclusive videos on and the other networked sites, which members can see for the first time anywhere," said Clement P. "They get the hottest new performances before they go out on DVDs, before they can be found in adult video stores and that sneak peek exclusivity is something they have told us they appreciate in hundreds of feedback emails."

Visit the sites at, and

View's BlackIce Gallery.