ZBUCKz Launches Hosted HDK Blog

LONDON - Gay affiliate program zBUCKz has launched the hosted blog HDK Network

The leak-free blog features sample Flash videos from HDK films and galleries of their top stars. 

DannyZ, chief financial officer of zBUCKz, told AVN Online that he expects the blog to be a hit with gay porn fans. 

"HDK has filmed some of the top porn stars in the business," he said. "By giving the blog an eye-catching design, adding important features like galleries of their top stars and showcasing HDK's amazing content using Flash video, we are sure people are going to bookmark this and come back day after day." 

Operations Manager Fishy said special care was taken to ensure that affiliates get credit for all sign-ups from the blog.  

"Blog posts integrate well for affiliates using RSS," Fishy added. "Additionally, the hosted blog will update six times per week, making it sticky enough to keep surfers coming back." 

The blog was created to help affiliates promote HDK Raw, HDK Men and HDK Central, sites zBUCKz launched in collaboration with Hot Desert Knights

"Everyone at HDK is really excited about the launch of the new HDK Network blog," said Bill Gardner, president of Hot Desert Knights. "Given the success of the sites already launched by zBUCKz, we know that affiliates are going to love the new blog as a way of driving traffic to the sites." 

Join zBUCKz to promote HDK Network or the new HDK sites, or to sign up for the RSS feeds.