zBuckz Launches Boykakke DVD Line

LONDON - zBUCKz announced Monday that its next feature film will be shot entirely in high definition and released under its new Boykakke DVD line.


"We're concerned, first and foremost, with the quality in which we film our features," zBUCKz co-owner DannyZ told AVN Online. "With the ever-changing technology, we feel it's important for us to remain on the cutting edge. [High definition] was the obvious next step for us to keep up with the high demand for technologically sound products in the DVD market."


Formerly known as Gay Asian Amateurs, the company had released two best-selling gay Asian titles: "Tokion Boy" and "Gay Asian Amateurs." The Boykakke line will begin with "Bangkok Dormitory Boys," which will be available in the United States and Europe by mid-September.


"We're undergoing fundamental changes in how we approach our sales and marketing in the brick-and-mortar marketplace," said CJ, CEO of zBUCKz. "We are really focused on the demand for high-end gay Asian films. It's important for our customers to know that we go the extra mile and spend that extra buck on our productions to give them the best entertainment value. By releasing the films under our new Boykakke line, we are moving out of the amateur filming stage and into professional productions with the best in lighting, sound and filming equipment."


DannyZ and CJ said zBUCKz also in the process of inking a new DVD-distribution contract that may surprise some. They said they expect to announce the deal within "the next couple of weeks."