YuVuTu.com Offers Custom Tube Profiles

UNITED KINGDOM - Adult amateur tube site yuvutu.com takes another step forward with the introduction of customized profile pages.

Upon registration, yuvutu.com offers a multitude of pictures and videos, as well as a community of members that grows by the thousands daily. Users will be able to meet and interact with other like-minded people through yuvutu.com's chat room, private messaging and most importantly, through their own personal profile page.

Profile pages are customizable to reflect ones personality and provide users with a personal blog, videos, photos and feedback features to showcase their interests and amateur endeavors.

Members can choose which blocks are displayed, change the order of the blocks, choose from 1 to 2 column layouts and alter the color of text, blocks, titles, background, borders, links and other elements on the page. Additionally, users can set one of their photos as the backdrop to their page.

The more a profile is viewed, the more that profile's index increases. Views of ones videos and photos also contribute to their yuvutu.com index. If one's yuvutu.com index goes over 100,000 they will be offered a free subscription.

Subscribers are able to view unlimited videos each day, increased streaming, full-screen video playback, power search options, playlists, alerts and RSS feeds.

For more information surrounding profile page customization, visit the yuvutu.com website.