YouTube Yanks Britney Brooks Clip

SAN BRUNO, Calif.—A video of adult star Britney Brooks for adult mobile provider Mobihun was yanked by YouTube Thursday, without explantion. Mobihun is the mobile version of TGP site

The four-minute clip of Brooks in a bikini blowing up balloons and saying the words '' went viral on Holland-based Mobihun's channel, making it the third most watched channel for the day in that country, with over 50,000 views in less than 24 hours.

The banned video can now be seen at Britney Brooks' blog.

"I tried to do something for Mobihun that was fun and silly, so that it could not be banned," Brooks said.  "All I did was sit in a bikini and blow up balloons.  I am really kind of bummed the video was banned because the exposure was great.  I guess YouTube does not like pornstars in bikinis blowing anything."

YouTube deleted not only Brooks' video, but also the entire channel, which included videos of Sabrina Deep licking an icecream and Sunny Lane looking at her mobile and saying she was watching

"Lots of adult providers use YouTube for promotion. as an example has a channel which mentions its URL all over it," said a represenative of Mobihun. "We tried something different—videos of adult stars doing unconventional things.  We had a popular video of Sabrina Deep that had over 17,000 views. The Britney Brooks video went off the charts, though, with more than 50,000 views in less than a day. The ban was for supposed "terms of use violation."  YouTube has all kinds of blatantly suggestive sexual videos and references to adult sites all over it.  We think they only banned us because Britney Brooks' video showed up in YouTube's top lists of most watched channels and videos for the day and week. There are all kinds of videos on YouTube of girls blowing up balloons—banning a pornstar for doing the same thing is absurd."

Britney Brooks can be reached at [email protected].

YouTube was not available for comment on the yanked material and closure of the Mobihun channel.