YNot Introduces 'Legal Update' Publication

BURBANK, Calif. - YNot Network has announced the launch of YNot Legal Update, a free monthly print publication that delivers analysis on legal matters relating to the adult industry and news updates on important legal cases affecting the industry.

Subscribers will receive Legal Update via standard mail.

"We've got a new administration entering the White House in January, and most of the industry seems hopeful that we won't see as much emphasis on prosecuting consensual adult behavior as we have during the past eight years," said Kathee Brewer, an award-winning journalist and editor of the YNot Legal Update. "That doesn't mean we can let down our guard, though. As long as there have been humans, one group or another has been trying to censor everyone who holds a competing viewpoint. The key to maintaining adult's vibrant economic engine is knowledge, and that's what YNot's trying to circulate with the Update. Our goal is to provide an agile, relevant publication that educates and informs about everything from niggling legal details to emerging global political trends."

Individuals wishing to subscribe to the YNot Legal Update can do so at any time by visiting YNotLegalUpdate.com. 

During the initial launch period of YNot Legal Update, YNot is offering special advertising rates to the companies that lend their support to the project. Companies interested in advertising should contact LAJ by email at [email protected], by phone at (512) 388-1728, or by ICQ at 924-18-228.