Yappo.com Launches Version 2.0

LAS VEGAS - Video-on-demand site Yappo.com today announced the launch of Yappo 2.0, offering an upgraded user control interface, fully interactive ‘Web 2.0' functionality, and a new design.

The home page offers straight and gay portals, and new user controls allow customization. Viewers may reorganize, expand and contract navigation menus, rate movies, and compose their own reviews for publication on the site.

"Yappo 2.0 is a major step forward in the VOD world," said Liam Colins, brand and product manager. "We took everything we learned from the first incarnation of Yappo and combined it with some of the best practices from mainstream entertainment sites and requests from our users to create the new look and functionality."

Colins said that the new features are all about putting Yappo's members more in control of their experience.

Because the new site is widget-based, the company will be able to respond faster to user requests regarding layouts and feature changes, Colins added.

In addition to the new controls and revised look, the Yappo upgrade also offers users further viewing options, including the ability to watch thousands of titles in H264 Flash format.

"You can have all the nifty interfaces and slick design that you want; at the end of the day it doesn't mean a thing if your members can't find what they're looking for," said Q Boyer, marketing coordinator for Yappo and its sister companies TopBucks and Pink Visual. "On Yappo 2.0, that's not going to be an issue; we provide so many browse and search options, a near-sighted illiterate could find the porn he's looking for in there."