Yappo.com Contest Seeks Meaning of 'Yappo

VAN NUYS, Calif. - So what the hell does "Yappo" mean, anyway?


Customers can submit their answers in video form to win prizes, including an assortment of iPods and a 30-inch Ultra Sharp 3007WFP-HC wide-screen, flat-panel LCD monitor.

In Yappo.com's contest, customers can upload their "Meaning of Yappo" videos at YouTube.com. The videos with the most views by Jan. 15, 2008, win.

"We're sick of people asking us the meaning of our name, so we thought we'd let our customers come up with the answer," said Operations Manager Liam Colins. "The team here at Yappo is excited about the contest. We've spent many hours discussing the name, and we always enjoy having people share their guesses at shows and other events. This is a fun and entertaining way to poke fun at ourselves while getting some additional exposure for the brand."

Contestants must be at least 18 years old. Videos must be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long and show "Yappo.com" at least twice for a minimum of 10 seconds. "Yappo.com" must be said at least once in each video.


Videos must be softcore in nature, with no profanity or nudity. "Derogatory" videos will be disqualified, the company said.


Entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. PST Dec. 29. All videos become property of Yappo.com. Since Yappo.com is not liable for any copyright infringement, contestants are advised to avoid using brand names and trademarks.

Links to the videos should be emailed to [email protected].

Videos also can be uploaded at http://YouTube.com/Group.YappoContest. Yappo staffers will check out the videos and let contestants know their entries have been received.