Yappo.com Adds Playgirl DVD Line to Roster

LAS VEGAS - Yappo has added Playgirl's legendary line of DVDs to its site through a distribution deal with Wicked Pictures.


"Wicked is happy to have the opportunity to make this premium DVD line available to our customers, and we are sure it will be among the most popular and unique brands that Yappo.com has available," said Avi Bitton, chief technological officer of Wicked Pictures.


The Playgirl DVD line is a sensual, erotic collection filmed from a woman's perspective and with high attention to detail. Instead of the usual feature-film format, each volume is made up of various fantasies and appeals to a broader range of tastes, the company said.


"Playgirl has always been the most popular and notorious brand of adult entertainment made specifically for women," said Tyler, Yappo's VOD relations specialist. "Although we know many women enjoy the rougher, nastier side of porn geared toward the male audience, we didn't want to exclude those women seeking a softer, more erotic approach to adult entertainment."

Yappo.com offers more than 32,000 titles from the biggest names in porn and streams in five bit rates, including high-definition.