Yappo.com Adds Complete Ninn Worx_SR Catalog

LAS VEGAS - Yappo has added the entire film catalog of Ninn Worx, which merged with Spearmint Rhino Consulting Worldwide last year to create Ninn Worx_SR. 


"I am thrilled we were able to complete our agreement with Ninn Worx_SR," said Tyler, Yappo's relations specialist. "I have been working hard for the past year to allow our customers access to the amazing, stunning and unique visionary [work] of Michael Ninn. His films ... are unlike anything you will ever come across in the realm of adult entertainment, and I believe they will develop a strong group of dedicated fans among our customers, as exemplified when released on DVD and video."

In addition to Ninn Worx's existing catalog of more than 120 films, Ninn Worx_SR is slated to release at least 24 films annually.


Michael Ninn, founder of Ninn Worx, is the director of films such as Catherine, Neo Pornographia and Rapture


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