XRentDVD.com Offers $0.99 Rentals

SANTA ANA, Calif. - Adult DVD rental and sales site XRentDVD.com announced it will be discounting the cost of weekly rentals on 99 of its titles, down to $0.99, to help stretch customers' entertainment budgets.

Titles falling under the promotion will be selected at random and will change daily at midnight. Customers will need to check back each day to find out what's on sale, and rent what they want before the batches are rotated out.

"All of the randomly selected DVDs usually rent for $1.99 to $4.99 by the week," Vincent Sorvino, general manager of XRentDVD.com, said. "Offering these quality adult DVDs at $0.99 means significant savings for the customer."

A majority of the adult DVD titles are highly rated by XRentDVD.com customers, and many premier studio titles are represented on a daily basis.

"Whether the politicians want to admit it or not, we are definitely in a recession," Sorvino said. "With home prices declining, people's 401Ks losing half their value overnight and gasoline prices sky-rocketing, we wanted to give porn consumers a break."

The promotion is set to continue through Jan. 1, 2009, but could be extended indefinitely, according to the company

For more information, visit XRentDVD.com.