xPeeps Partners With HeatSeek, Braincash for New Services

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Adult social networking site xPeeps has partnered with HeatSeek and Braincash to offer its members new services.


Adult software provider HeatSeek created the xPeeps Browser White Label, which can begin users' sessions on the xPeeps home page and supplies a connection for more direct communication between xPeeps and its members.


"The partnership was a natural fit," said Liz Wright of AEBN. "The white-label browser will enhance the xPeeps experience for our members."


The HeatSeek browser provides a way to mask adult Web activity by camouflaging the browser on the desktop as a spreadsheet file.


xPeeps also has added Braincash's white-label review site.


"We're very excited about our partnership with Braincash," said Wright, who is coordinating the project. "This is the first step in our new relationship, and it's such a positive one. We're pleased to be able to offer this added service for xPeeps users."