xPeeps Offers Members New Profile Editor

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Following an overhaul in August, adult social-networking website xPeeps has introduced an upgraded CSS-based profile editor.

Because the "heart of the xPeeps experience" lies in the member profiles, the company said, the improved profile editor is important for the site's evolution.

"It's been tweaked several times," said Dez, a member of the xPeeps development team. "We've been trying new things and trying to make sure that our users can have complete control over their profiles. We think we've finally reached a good point."

The new profile editor allows users to customize parts of the page independent of each other and hide modules they don't want to feature, such as profile photos. Users with CSS knowledge have even more control over their profiles, since they can modify virtually anything by entering CSS code. The profile editor also gives users access to the xPoll.

"xPeeps has always had the spirit of freedom of expression behind it," Marketing Executive Suzann Knudsen said. "We wanted to extend that idea as far as we could on the site. Now, members have even more freedom to express or expose themselves on xPeeps."

The new profile editor's older features will remain. Members still can still add personal touches such as embedded PornoTube media, banners and links to outside sites.

xPeeps has more than 500,000 members.