XonDemand Upgrades its Webmaster Portal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Video-on-demand site XonDemand has announced recent upgrades to its XonDemand Adult Webmaster Portal.

"XonDemand Adult Webmaster Portal will blow you away with the amount of movie content and online delivery options we have available to adult webmasters," Rob Hoover, XonDemand affiliate manager said.

Adult webmasters can build a pay-per-view movie theater in any niche/genre in real-time and build a free hosted movie gallery. All banners are viewable on the webmaster portal before joining.

XonDemand has several different video-on-demand options available to webmasters, including but not limited to, custom video-on-demand and pay-per-view movie theaters, RSS movie feeds, movie blogs, video consoles, TGP / MGP / FHG movie galleries, micro niche movie landing pages and webmaster referrals.

"Our most popular products are movie galleries and movie theaters," Hoover added. "With your brand or XonDemand's brand webmasters can show 40,000 plus adult DVD movies to surfers, customers and members alike."

Additionally, free movie previews and free minutes can be added to webmaster's website or member's area. XonDemand has hundreds of niche category and genre movies for adult surfers to enjoy.

All XonDemand adult webmaster products offer automatic updates to ensure fresh DVD movie content daily.