XonDemand Updates Gay Niche-Targeted Landing Pages

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Pay-per-minute video-on-demand (VOD) website XonDemand announced Thursday that it has updated its gay niche-targeted landing pages.


The landing pages provide surfers two free movie clips, niche-targeted movies and links to 12 free clips in each niche. The high-quality videos have seven playback speeds - up to 1,700 Kbs - and are available in Windows Media and Real Media formats.


"Targeted gay traffic converts targeted gay movies" Affiliate Manager Rob Hoover said. "We have updated our gay niche-targeted landing pages and have surprised the surfer into converting better."


Hoover said affiliate webmasters can easily create a list of all of XonDemand's niche links in several formats, including XML, or request a list with their linking code at [email protected]