XonDemand Adds New Movie Niche Galleries

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - XonDemand, the pay-per-minute adult video on demand website, is excited to announce the recent addition to XonDemand with hot new niche-targeted movie galleries, setting the standard for targeting movie content and improving affiliate commissions.

"When you give a surfer what they are looking for, you will convert more sales," said Rob Hoover, XonDemand affiliate manager. "That is exactly what our niche targeted movie galleries do."

XonDemand's niche-targeted movie galleries are provided on unique domains for each niche giving the surfers three free niche targeted movie clips for each niche.

Niche-targeted movie galleries are offered in a variety of niches; for a complete list, check http://www.xodgroup.com/movie_galleries.html.

Affiliate webmasters can easily create a list of all niche links in several formats including xml or request a list of movie galleries any niche, with their linking code.

For more information contact Rob Hoover at (860) 343-9050 or [email protected].