X Industry Jobs Offers Retainer Option to Industry Employers

CHICAGO - XIndustryJobs.com, the Adult Industry's job placement company, is launching their Retainer Option along side their current contingency based option to industry employers. The Retainer Option will give a select number of employers the ability to pay an annual retainer fee to have X Industry Jobs handle all of their recruiting needs for the 12-month period.

"What we are seeing with adult industry companies is oftentimes the HR Department has a lot to handle managing the department and often doesn't have the time to do a thorough job search for qualified candidates. This is where we would step in and manage the complete recruiting process for them," explained Eddie, X Industry's SVP.

X Industry Jobs will offer a savings to those employers using the Retainer Option. In addition to a monetary savings, these employers will get preferential treatment when it comes to candidates who fit their openings. In addition to their standard services, they will also customize a recruiting process to fit their personal needs.

"Having industry experience and having worked with over 35 adult companies we feel we definitely have a good idea on the type of candidates employers are looking for," commented Eddie.

X Industry Jobs will be attending next weeks InterNext Conference in Florida and will be meeting with employers interested in their Recruiting Services.

XIndustryJobs.com  is the adult industry's first online job placement firm. The site features a system for identifying, interviewing and verifying candidates for a company's hiring process, which aims to provide satisfying matches for admin, marketing and technical positions.

Employers should contact [email protected]. Job seekers can send their resume in confidence to re[email protected].