X Industry Jobs Extends Services to European Companies

CHICAGO - Adult industry online search and recruiting company X Industry Jobs has expanded its reach by offering its services to companies based in Europe.


"We have been so successful with assisting U.S- and Canadian-based adult companies with new employee placement that we decided to offer the same services to European companies, as well," said Eddie Kreider, the company's senior vice president of marketing.


X Industry Jobs said it decided to offer its services overseas due to the volume of resumes submitted by adult job hunters based in Europe, as well as the number of inquiries from European adult companies.


Starting this year, X Industry Jobs also will have more presence at adult shows in Europe to build upon those relationships.


X Industry Jobs features a system for identifying, interviewing and verifying candidates for administrative, marketing and technical positions.


Employers seeking to fill positions should send email to [email protected].


Job seekers can send resumes to [email protected].