X-Digg Picks Up GameLink's Fleshboxxx Player

QUEBEC - In an effort to capitalize on the popularity of video on demand and social networking sites, adult social bookmarking site X-Digg has added GameLink's new Fleshboxxx Flash video theater.   


"Social sites are not only an increasing viral marketing dream for the adult industry, but sites like X-Digg yield a huge audience of users looking directly for items in the adult world," said Stacie Adams, GameLink's affiliate and viral marketing manager. "The Fleshboxxx pay-per-minute Flash video player allows users to view clips from videos and buy minutes from thousands of adult video releases, all from within the player. The user never leaves X-Digg."


Glen Sibley, director of operations for X-Digg, said the company was "thrilled over the concept" of adding Fleshboxxx to its site.


"Our internal stats show that the keyword ‘video' is used over 8,000 times a day throughout our site search," he said, "and within the first 24 hours of this feature going online, it boasted over 5,000 users."