WoodRocket Revs Up Parody, 'Comedians in Cars Getting Sex'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Regarding porn parodies of Jerry Seinfeld's hit show, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee? there are comedians and there are cars, but instead of coffee... there is sex. As it should be.

Now, from WoodRocket.com, the company that brought you SpongeKnob SquareNuts, Porks & Recreation and Game of Bones, comes Comedians In Cars Getting Sex, a parody with comedians having verbal conversations in cars followed by genital conversations in cars. Don't worry, it works.

“I love this show," director Lee Roy Myers enthused as he exited his car. "It's really funny. It's really interesting. And now, it's really penetration-filled. And WoodRocket.com is making it free to watch on their website."

Comedians In Cars Getting Sex stars James Deen as a pant-less parody of Jerry Seinfeld and Veruca James as a slutty spoof of Sarah Silverman. Sarah and Jerry talk. Then Sarah curses about her vagina, Jerry observes how unusual vaginas are, and they jump in the back seat and continue this chat while Jerry is in Sarah's vagina. Don't worry, it works.

The safe-for-work trailer is available on YouTube. The decidedly NSFW Comedians In Cars Getting Sex is free on woodrocket.com.

Photo: James Deen and Veruca James.