Woodrocket.Com Presents 'Rob Ford Celebrity Sex Tape' Parody

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.WoodRocket.com presents what it hopes is the most controversial celebrity sex tape of all time. It's the XXX home movie that nobody knew existed and Rob Ford has not denied starring in... yet. It's The Rob Ford Sex Tape—A Parody!

As the world eagerly awaits the video of Rob Ford putting some crack in his pipe, WoodRocket.com has taken it a step further with a video of Rob, played by both popular XXX character actor Peter O'Tool and his unnamed "stunt cock," putting his pipe in some crack. It's the movie that everybody wants to see and nobody wants to see, and it's available to watch for free at WoodRocket.com!

From the maniacs that brought you SpongeKnob SquareNuts and Game of Bones comes this sexy and silly porn satire in which the Mayor of Partying-Hard (and Toronto) hangs out with his buddies and celebrates how awesome politics can be with drugs, alcohol, ketchup chips, and a prostitute named Gaia.

 “As a Canadian, it fills me with great pride and extreme politeness to be able to share with you how I view our Mayor gone wild. In my opinion, his use of crack-cocaine and booze probably pales in comparison to a heavy duty, porno-style, red-faced sex-addiction. I am sorry if this offends anyone,” said director, Lee Roy Myers.

Even the Toronto Sun—Ford's hometown newspaper—is excited about the new release.

"In the strangest and most sex-filled turn of the Ford saga so far, the almost half-hour video mocks the mayor of Canada’s largest city with several none-too-subtle references to many of his gaffes including blurting out the word 'pussy' on live TV, smoking crack and walking into a camera," the newspaper report recites. "All those jokes come in the first three minutes ahead of more than 20 minutes of X-rated scenes."

The paper also notes that the Ford parody "dropped the same day the Clovenpath Ministries, an outreach ministry dedicated to worshipping Satan, started the 'RoFo bus tour' through Etobicoke with stops at the scandal hot spots including the Windsor Rd. home frequented by the mayor and the Esso station where police surveillance chronicled his meetups with alleged drug dealer Sandro Lisi."

Catch The Rob Ford Sex Tape—A Parody only at WoodRocket.com.

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