Woman Willing to Sleep With Virgins for Network Neutrality

ANTWERP, Belgium - Former Belgian Senate candidate and NEE Party leader Tania Derveaux is willing to put up or shut up when it comes to network neutrality.


Any man who is at least 18 years old, is a virgin and can provide proof that he has been defending network neutrality can enter manhood by having sex with Derveaux.


On her website, DontStayVirgin.MovieLOL.org, Derveaux promises to travel to qualified candidates' locations at her expense and "perform sexual intercourse."


Derveaux's offer is a response to Virgin Media CEO Neil Berkett's statement that "this net-neutrality thing is a load of bollocks." Virgin Media plans to treat its partners' content to more bandwidth, and those who don't pay a premium will have their bandwidth restricted.


"Net neutrality is paramount to safeguard free speech and innovation on the Internet," Derveaux wrote on her website. "With only one arguably negative side effect: An unusual amount of today's Internet users are virgin. That's a problem I intend to solve. In history, man has always waged war for freedom. Now, it's time to obtain our freedom with love."


Derveaux explained that she restricted the offer to virgins because "I don't want to make this promise to such a large amount of people that I'll have to turn some down."


Derveaux made international news when she ran for a seat in the Belgium Senate in the 2007 general election as a member of the NEE Party, a political protest group trying to provide an alternative for voters who are unhappy with the current political parties.


As part of the campaign, Derveaux posed naked in an ad that promised the creation of 40,000 jobs. The ad was intended to be a parody of other parties' claims about creating jobs.


According to the NEE website, Derveaux received requests for blowjobs instead of legitimate jobs. Prompted by the requests, the NEE offered subscribers a shot at one of 40,000 blowjobs, which later were performed virtually.