Woman Sues Pink Visual, TopBucks for Posting Unauthorized Party Pics

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Heather Kertesz, 22, is suing Pink Visual and its affiliate program TopBucks for allegedly posting pictures of her at a house party in Boca Raton on adult website CollegeWildParties.com.

The former Lynn University student was apparently fully clothed at the party, as well as in the website photos, but isn't sure what other pictures or video might have been taken during her tenure at the party.

Kertesz is asking to view all of the photos and video taken at the March 2007 party to make sure her reputation isn't harmed further.

When approached to sign a photo release and allow her driver license to be copied, Kertesz reportedly refused and was quickly shown out of the party. She claims images of her were posted on the website regardless.

Boca Raton attorney Wayne Schwartz, who is representing Arizona-based Cyberheat Inc., Topbucks Inc. and Pink Visuals Inc., was not immediately available for comment.