Wildline Offers Smart Feed Ad-Track System

SAN FRANCISCO -- Search engine developer Wildline! officially announced its new Smart Feed technology Thursday.

According to the company, Smart Feed optimizes advertising campaigns in real-time based on performance data.

"This technology is truly ground-breaking because it automatically fine tunes complex ad campaigns on the fly to maximize performance," said Johnny V., Wildline! Director of Sales and Marketing. "It's virtually impossible to lose money long-term if you commit to this program."

Smart Feed uses a conversion tracking pixel on a client's sale confirmation page, then collects conversion data for every page in a client's campaign, correlates that information directly with Wildline!'s keyword database and instantaneously uses that data to direct traffic distribution and drive sales based on clients' performance metrics.

"Wildline!'s Smart Feed technology has given us the edge we need to take our search marketing campaigns to a higher level," said Carolina, Search Marketing Manager for GameLink Adult Movies. "In today's tough economy, it's more important than ever to meet your target ROI, and Wildline!'s tools make it easy to gain greater insight into our campaigns and meet our goals."

For more information about Smart Feed and other services, visit WildLineCorp.com or call (415) 543-9411.