WhoPaidMe.com Adds Check-Name Search

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Adult database Who Paid Me now allows webmasters to research check names for sponsors and perform reverse searches using website names instead of sponsor names. 

"Many adult webmasters receive a myriad of checks or ePassporte payments but have no idea who they are from," Who Paid Me owner Michael Phillips told AVN Online. "Sponsors will often send out checks from ‘Company Inc.,' for example, and the webmaster has no idea who the payment is actually coming from. All a webmaster need do is type in the info from the check, and the database will tell them the sponsor and even the three most popular sites from that sponsor." 

The reverse-search capability is useful for determining which sponsor owns a particular site, Phillips said. 

"Webmasters can simply enter in the site name," he said, "and it will tell you which sponsor runs that site and where the payment should be coming from." 

Searches also can be filtered by niche, sexual orientation and Alexa rating. 

Who Paid Me also has added Alexa data for every porn site on the Web to help users determine the hottest sites and sponsors for every adult niche, Phillips said. 

"Who Paid Me downloads the Alexa data for every porn sponsor and site, and uses the data to determine the so-called 100 hottest sites and sponsors for every possible niche," he explained. "It does this by comparing the overall Alexa ranking of the sponsor or site to the Alexa average from the last seven days."