WebQuest Hires Christian Amico as Operations Manager

AGORA HILLS, Calif. - WebQuest, a company that specializes in e-consulting, full-scale management solutions and all aspects of e-commerce, has hired Christian Amico as its operations manager. 

"Webquest was the best fit for me," Amico told AVN Online. "They have been running some of the largest adult sites around and have a great team of dedicated employees, management and marketing power." 

In his new position, Amico will roll out a cutting-edge affiliate program for WebQuest. 

"We have big plans and some really great projects coming together," he said. "An all-new webmaster program with some very creative features is my main focus right now."

Amico has more than 12 years of senior management experience in the adult industry, having previously worked at Atlas Multimedia and Porn.com

"Thanks to my experience, I was able to jump right in and run with the ball, bring new fresh ideas and capitalize on what steps were already in place," he said.