Webmaster Checks Upgrades to More Secure Business Check

PHOENIX - WebmasterChecks, a leading Phoenix-based check issuing and payment distribution company, has announced they are upgrading all of their check stock to an innovative check style virtually impossible to duplicate or alter without the fraud being evident.

"After we had a client come to us after losing $40,000 to check fraud, where one of his foreign affiliates washed a $36 check into a $40,000 check, we knew that in addition to all the security precautions we were taking on the back end, we had to do whatever it took to make our physical checks as bulletproof as possible," said Nathan Hadlock, chief security officer of Webmaster Checks.

Internationally renowned fraud consultant Frank W. Abagnale, whose life story provided the inspiration for the Steven Spielberg film Catch Me if You Can, had designed the check with 12 security features, including a dual-tone watermark, heat-sensitive ink, and chemically reactive paper.

Webmaster Checks issues US/EU checks, ACH direct deposits, wires, ePassporte, and other payment types. The company integrates with MPA3 and NATS, and is a solution used by financial institutions, merchant account holders, third-party processors, users of third-party publisher or affiliate software, affiliate networks, advertising networks, and other Web programs.