Webmaster Checks 2.0 Released with Payment Notification System

SURPRISE, Ariz. - Webmaster Checks announced Thursday the release of its Webmaster Checks version 2.0, including the launch of the new website, the completion of a series of automation modifications, other backend improvements and the release of a payment-notification feature.

Webmaster Checks has begun beta-testing a free payment notification service wherein clients have the option to instantly notify their affiliates by email or text when payments are sent out.

"We are proud to be testing this new service for our clients," Rich Lloyd, CEO of Webmaster Checks, said. "It's a great feeling to get notified that the check has just been placed in the mail, or you've just had some money hit your account."

Webmaster Checks issues checks, ACH direct deposits, wires, ePassporte and RevUp card, as well as other payment methods. Additionally, Webmaster Checks is integrated into popular third-party services such as MPA3, Too Much Media's NATS third-party affiliate program backend provider and Netbilling.

Webmaster Checks is offering one month free check processing and ACH direct deposits to new clients who sign up within the next 30 days.

For information on how to activate Webmaster Checks services, visit the Webmaster Checks website or call (866) 686-6382.