Webmaster Access West Announces Playboy Mansion’s Third Annual PJ and Lingerie Party

LOS ANGELES - Webmaster Access West will wrap up Nov. 21 with its third annual Playboy Mansion PJ and Lingerie Party from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Quite possibly the most exciting adjustment made to the Playboy Mansion soirée is the addition of two extra hours of fun and amusement.

"Everyone has always mentioned that they wish there could be more time to spend at the Mansion," Eric Matis, vice president of ICS Entertainment, the Playboy division organizing the gathering, told AVN Online. "Just when things are heating up and getting crazy, midnight arrives and everyone has to leave. This year, we convinced the management over at the Mansion to extend the debauchery an extra two hours, and they happily obliged. Now we can top last year simply by keeping the party going longer."

The red-carpet event will offer attendees a complementary bar, appetizers and a dessert course in addition to 50 painted ladies, picture booths and other salacious entertainment. Moreover, the elegant grounds and zoo will be available to explore and DJ Johnny Knight will be spinning for his third year in a row.

"People always want to see inside the house," Shelly Riley, aka Side Chick, of Webmaster Access told AVN Online. "Unfortunately, we have to tell everyone that we run this event just like Hugh runs his, meaning no one goes inside the house."

According to Riley, there will be plenty of activities outside to keep partygoers entertained.

"We will have a Plexiglas dance floor over the pool this year to step things up a notch and we expect plenty of dancing as well as swimming," she said.

There will be three different types of invitational wristbands necessary to attend the event this year, Matis explained.

"VIP and model wristbands will allow those attendees to shuttle up to the Mansion from the Universal Sheraton at 7 p.m., while the standard wristband will allow everyone else to head up at 8 p.m.," Matis said.

Technically, this is the fourth year for the Mansion party, but only the third year under the PJ and Lingerie theme, inspired by Hugh Hefner's preference to live, work and play in his trademark silk pajamas.

The nighttime apparel is not required, Matis noted, but it helps add to the enjoyment of the evening when everyone participates.

"This is a theme party and we encourage that," he said. "It's more fun when people partake in the festivities."

The usual suspects of sponsors have gotten behind the merriment once again with WEG Cash graduating from a table sponsor to a major sponsor.

"After two years of successful table sponsorship, WEG Cash has decided to join past major sponsors like CCBill and Adult Friend Finder in order to step up to the next level of sponsorship," Matis said.

Shuttles will be available to take attendees from the Universal Sheraton in Universal City, the site of Webmaster Access West, to the Playboy Mansion beginning at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 21.

For more information, visit WebmasterAccess.com.

Contact [email protected] for further details surrounding sponsorship opportunities.