Webmaster Access L.A. Set for May in Universal City

LOS ANGELES -- Webmaster Access L.A. is set for May 17-19 at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Universal City. The new month for the event will bring warmer weather along with scheduling changes.

"Moving the show to May has allowed us more networking opportunities poolside," said Shelly Riley, events coordinator for ICS Entertainment, a division of Playboy Entertainment Group.

"Weather should be a lot warmer than the usual November show weather we have gotten in the past."

"This should be a great show as we have reserved the entire poolside for attendees only. With that, we've set up a Gay Poolside Lounge and a BBQ poolside," Riley told AVN.com. "We have also set up some networking hours as well as gay networking hours. Webmaster Access wants to reach out to the gay companies and make them a part of Webmaster Access a lot more than they are."

Webmaster Access has added more educational and networking opportunities with its "Webmaster Speed Networking" as well as "Gay Webmaster Speed Networking," Riley said.

"This is a chance to do business for more of a one-on-one discussion and will create direct opportunities for you to achieve your business goals," she added. "These networking hours will put you in contact with exactly what you need for your business to move forward. Don't be lazy -- get your business done!"

The event's corporate sponsors include DatingGold, WEGCash, PussyCash and eMerchantPay.

AVN Online is a media partner and media sponsors include FUBAR Webmasters and Cybersocket.

Register here as all seminars, speed networking, cocktail receptions and other events will require a wristband and badge to enter. Security will be enforced.

Special events will include the 4th Annual Playboy Mansion PJ and Lingerie Party, Tuesday, May 19.

For more details about the show, including the full schedule of seminars and events, visit the Webmaster Access L.A. website.

For additional information and sponsorship opportunities, contact Riley at (916) 626-3003 ext. 225 or e-mail her at [email protected].