Webmaster Access Closes 2008 Show

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. - The wheeling and dealing continued Friday at the Webmaster Access West show, with company representatives hanging out on the pool terrace and attending an afternoon barbecue before closing the event out with a major party.

Attendees at this year's WAW were able to participate in Networking Power Hours on Friday dealing with everything from content management systems and tube scripts to traffic selling. Seminars also covered the topics of monetizing foreign traffic and cross-sells and upsells.

For targeting non-U.S. traffic, panelists suggested looking at serving markets that will open up soon, including Brazil and even China. Though website content is heavily monitored in places like China, The Adult Broker Lori Z. noted that content for mobile devices such as the iPhone can be utilized to hit new markets.

CECash Albert suggested merchants be aware of what currency and geographic areas their processor can handle when it comes to foreign traffic, while Scott Rabinowitz of Traffic Dude had attendees considering whether or not to make their traffic available for sale if they can't monetize it themselves.

Attendees then spent the afternoon feasting and networking one more time at the barbecue sponsored by XBiz. Tables were filled with attendees making last-minute connections with current and prospective business partners.

The show closed out with a bang during the third annual Playboy Mansion PJ and Lingerie Party. WAW attendees, some of whom were decked out in their finest "evening" wear, were shuttled to the infamous mansion where food, drink and the famous "painted ladies" awaited them.

The next Webmaster Access gathering is set for Feb. 25 through March 1 in Hawaii. For more information, check the website.