Integrates with NATS

STOCKTON, Calif. - has announced the integration of its cam site with NATS, a third-party affiliate program backend provider. With the site being fully integrated, NATS-based affiliate programs can create their own cam site and promote it within their network without having to wait for months developing it from scratch.

Allan Henning, CEO of DatingGold, said, "Our software has the ability to be transformed based on any criteria you may be looking for. Our solution was designed with customization in mind, from the graphical look of the site to the marketing back end."

John Albright of Too Much Media said, "We are very excited about this integration. Being fully integrated with WebCamClub creates yet another easy revenue stream for all users of NATS. With third-party setups as easy as plugging in a few fields, everyone should be utilizing them."

Henning also added, "We are also offering our white label partners the ability to use their own billing system, which we think is the key to making the partnerships more profitable."

For its affiliates, DatingGold has provided the co-brand tool for nearly a year. It is becoming more popular with affiliates and many are upgrading their co-brand to a fully white labeled site.

DatingGold's Business Development Representative Alfonsus Kusuma, better known as AK, said, "It has been a long, yet fun, ride for us getting the WebCamClub name to the live cams affiliate market. We have a great in-house team which is continuously improving the site for our customers and creating better tools for our affiliates. That makes my job easier."

It was a year ago when AK created buzz for the co-brand tool with his "so easy AK Man can do it" T-shirts. In the next few weeks, DatingGold will take release its dating white label tool, hoping to improve upon the success of the webcam co-brand tool. is one of the industry's leading adult dating and webcam affiliate programs, with more than 8 million users worldwide and high payout programs.

Too Much Media is a New Jersey-based Internet technologies solutions company, providing affiliate, content and RSS feed management software solutions to both mainstream and adult Internet-based businesses.

To learn more about DatingGold's product and services, contact [email protected].