Webair Presents New Cloud Storage Solutions

NEW YORK - Web hosting company Webair has introduced a new Cloud Storage system designed to address the needs of storing, managing and accessing file-based data and other digital content.

The system also allows clients to use as much storage as they need since, unlike a physical drive, Webair Cloud Storage allows users access to unlimited scalability.

"Our clients look for increased speed and seamless scalability, and the days of adding individual hard drives and trying to keep up with the next wave of digital media demands have ended," said Michael Christopher, president of Webair.

The Cloud Storage system saves data across the cluster multiple times, so if a drive or several drives fail there is no loss of service and no data lost.

"Bottlenecks are no longer an issue with data guaranteed to be served from hundreds of physical hard drives, providing unprecedented storage scalability and performance," Christopher said. "Webair manages the back-end, which enables our clients to better spend their time improving their bottom-line. Our new cloud hosting solution is a great way to back up any existing content servers, or replace them altogether."

For more information, visit Webair.com or e-mail [email protected].