Wasteland Mobile Launches; 100% Payouts During February

BOSTON—SpiceCash has announced the launch of Wasteland Mobile, a mobile-optimized movie website that is the first of its kind in the BDSM and fetish niche. Coming on the heels of Wasteland’s embrace of IPTV—becoming the first adult content producer available on the Roku set-top box, courtesy of eroticvision.tv—the move to mobile represents another step forward for a venerable company.

“I’ve been at this for a very long time,” said Wasteland founder Colin Rowntree, “but I can honestly say that I have never been more excited about the opportunities before us than I am now. It’s not just a matter of incorporating new technologies into an already successful program; it’s what those technologies mean, and how they improve the user experience and affiliate revenue. In terms of reach, functionality and productivity, this is the golden age of porn.”

Mobile is the newest and fastest growing frontier. With the explosion of the iPhone/iPod Touch, and the current rage of Android platform mobile devices—not to mention the large-screen iPad waiting in the wings—the ability for adult producers to reengage consumers literally on the fly opens up vast new opportunities that are not lost on Wasteland, one of the first adult subscription sites on the internet.

Shot and mastered in 1080p high-definition, a Wasteland library of its original films has been encoded for streaming on both 3G and Wi-Fi on the iPhone/iPod Touch, all Androids (T-Mobile, Samsung, Motorola, etc.), PSP (Play Station Portable), the Palm Pre and other web-smart devices.

“The biggest challenge we faced was hacking through the poorly documented and conflicting device-specific video standards for various mobile devices, and then establishing an encoding template that can be streamed on all smart phones on a 3G or Wi-Fi connection,” said Rowntree. “But once we solved that part of the puzzle, the world opened up to us for pretty much any 3G or Wi-Fi device coming off of the rack at Best Buy or the Apple Store. And yes, we are already encoding the library for IPad. And no, I'm not going to tell you what the encoding standards are!”

According to Rowntree, the other huge advancement was in billing. “The huge difference now is that smart phones and other devices can effectively display web pages, stream video content and, most importantly, display user-friendly, secure credit card transaction pages, effectively cutting the phone company out of the loop and bypassing their draconian content censorship and Machiavellian carrier charges. Looking for double-penetration hardcore bondage sex on your phone or device? Come on down!”

For affiliates, that transactional evolution should make all the difference. Not only will a whole new market of potential members become immediately available, but so too will a whole new generation of affiliate tools with which to attract them. For consumers, the evolution is already obvious—full-screen HD streaming adult videos on the privacy of their phone.

“We have mobile-compliant banners that can be used on both affiliates' mobile sites or on their regular web page,” said Rowntree, ”and hosted movie clips that stream on mobile devices by simply embedding a code on any mobile page. Another nice benefit for affiliates is that any Wasteland banner or hosted movie clip they have on regular websites will detect a mobile user, send them to the mobile site, and payout for mobile sales. As an estimated 5 percent of all web traffic on regular websites is mobile going to traditional websites, this is a serious way to find money currently being left on the table."

There are a choice of different payouts as well, starting with a Wastelend Mobile launch promo for new SpiceCash affiliates, offering 100 percent rebilling for the life of all sales sent during the month of February. After that, the regular payout commences: a choice between industry-standard revshare and PPS, with generous bonuses for higher sales productivity.

For more information regarding affiliate opportunities for Wasteland Mobile, visit SpiceCash.com.

Consumers and curious affiliates with mobile devices interested in seeing Wasteland Mobile with free HD BDSM mobile trailers in action can go to m.wasteland.com.