WantedList Purchases GetNakedMovies.com Assets

LOS ANGELES - WantedList, an online adult DVD-rental and video-on-demand service, announced Friday that it has acquired some of the assets of Get Naked Movies.


"I felt it was important to take the company I started and put it in the hands of the best in the business," said Todd Miller, founder and owner of Get Naked Movies. "I've admired the owners of WantedList for a long time now, so it wasn't a hard decision."


According to Anh Tran, co-founder of WantedList, the acquisition of intellectual property, customers and technology from Get Naked Movies represents a large step in the company's growth strategy.


"The name of the game for me is to acquire customers," he told AVN Online. "Competition for customers online is healthy, but within the industry, we should all work together to level out the playing field."


Terms of the acquisition were not announced.


Tran said the acquisition was the second WantedList has made in recent weeks. He said the company is in talks with "a few other companies" about asset acquisitions or partnerships "on other projects."


"There is a lot of fluctuation in the industry right now, and everyone is taking the hint," he said. "Over the last two months, we've put the word out that we are looking to acquire these properties while they still have true value and offer companies the opportunity to make their money now, rather than be stuck with something less valuable down the road."