WantedList Acquires XFlix, Launches VOD Service

LOS ANGELES - Adult DVD-rental service WantedList  announced Thursday that it has acquired XFlix in an effort to expand its presence by entering the video-on-demand market.


"As we progress into digital distribution to complement the physical-goods market, this purchase was a great opportunity for our company," said WantedList co-founder Anh Tran. "XFlix has a long history, with great people behind them. They have a strong domain, and their partnership with Media Conductor brings incredible value. The technology is extremely cutting-edge, and the video player is something that hasn't been seen in the market as of yet."


Over the past few months, WantedList has tested the VOD service with its customers.  Similar to the company's online DVD rental service, the new VOD service allows users to watch its entire library of over 3,500 DVD quality titles online for one monthly fee. WantedList will also be offering varying types of hybrid rental and video-on-demand plans for its existing user base; as well as doing a major affiliate push to offer different types of bonus payouts to its webmasters for promoting the new service over the next few months.