Lizz of Brings Real Estate Fantasies to Life

This article originally ran in the January 2017 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition.

If you have been working in the adult industry online for any significant amount of time, there is a strong chance you have already had an encounter with Lizz of, even if you do not yet realize it. As Lizz explains, “I’ve been in the online business for 12 years. I own, the affiliate program that houses the popular reality porn sites and I also manage the content publishing platform for and for the last five years and have a hand in some of today’s largest paysite brands, including, and on the affiliate program.”

While PropertySex has recently gained a lot of attention for intermingling aspects of the real estate boom with reality porn—portraying gorgeous actresses as horny real estate agents seducing their clients at work to close a deal—for Lizz it has not been an overnight success. “I didn’t focus much on my affiliate program back then and even to this day. I had staff and a business partner that handled most of everything; I acted more like an investor within the company and once in a while, I dabbled in with some random ideas for my contribution. The affiliate program was launched in 2004 with my business partner Allen; from 2004 to 2010 there were 16 paysites. Ultimately, there was a four-year gap where the program was alive but sadly went dormant. Last year I came up with the idea of this new reality concept and after half a year of pondering, Allen and I decided to act on my thoughts to make it become a reality. This is when we started in the paysite game again with the launch of in 2015. This time around it was very different from how it was four to five years ago when we last left our paysites. It amazes me to see how fast technology in the online porn world has evolved in what to me seems such a short period of time.”

Lizz is a former medical office assistant who also did stints as an office secretary and several other hourly jobs before finding her home on the business side of adult online. “I had some very wise teachers that helped me move along to where I am today which I am very grateful for. Looking back, I would say in any industry, the challenge is pretty much the same and the basic rules applies to any business: competent management, proper finances, monitoring performance, effective time management, creating a realistic goal and knowing your market including your competitors.” When it comes to paysites, some of the important factors that she mentions would include “traffic sources, conversion ratios, developing new marketing strategies, productive designs, maintaining the interest of your viewers, product development, quality content and a lot of testing to see what works and what doesn’t.”

So, how did create and dominate its own new niche in adult entertainment so quickly? “This might sound clichéd, but this specific site idea is unique at the moment. Even though it is a very popular fantasy, comparable to very played out fantasies like the schoolteacher and a student, a doctor and the nurse, the secretary and her boss—to my surprise this real estate concept was never done before in terms of a porn paysite concept. No, not everything has been done already; there are still ideas out there that might be right below your nose, you just have to sniff harder to find them. There was not much marketing involved for PropertySex; it went viral pretty quickly on its own and made it on the top 10 channel list with Pornhub, and their tube network. Also the site gained non-adult mainstream media coverage. After I did couple of interviews with companies such as Vice, Maxim, Complex, the site spread like wildfire.”

The thing to remember, according to Lizz, is that whether you are launching, maintaining or growing your sites, “No site is entirely self-sufficient. Your product will always need love just like a pet. Once you start becoming lazy or lose interest your product will suffer and you will see it going toward a downward spiral rather quickly. I would say you constantly need a fresh supply of more traffic sources, creative marketing ideas, content producers, innovative technology—the list goes on and on.”

Cashcore has two new sites that were recently launched, taking the company’s content into the virtual reality vertical and extending its reality sex-based branding. “ is another reality site based on private investigators, and a VR edition for PropertySex is now available at,” said Lizz. “With a concept like PropertySex, it was an easy fit for us to get into the VR market segment. VR also blends itself well with our overall reality-based theme. Almost all other VR porn sites currently on the market use a setup with a guy lying down, and the camera in a stationary position watching the girls do all the work in front of them. We didn’t want to do the same thing, because that’s not the style of our videos. Instead, we developed a different type of technology on our own, and now we are using camera techniques that allow the viewer to walk through a property, just like the other two-dimensional videos, but in stereoscopic VR. We are the first and only site to do this at the moment in the XXX community and I am confident that it’s a format others will eventually follow. That’s why we will need to continue innovating, and will always be on the lookout for what’s next.”

While some newcomers to adult lament the fact that they got into online porn after the Wild West days and missed out on the gold rush, what is becoming even more apparent is the fact that when you meet someone like Lizz, who has thrived in adult for a dozen years and continues to look for new ways to move forward, it’s obvious that her porn pedigree and that extensive experience is a big reason why she will continue to succeed in the coming decades much as she has in the previous one. To learn more about or any of the products she works with, visit or