Virtual Adult Agent Teams with PR Kitty

DETROIT, Mich. - Virtual Adult Agent has partnered with PR Kitty to introduce its new automated revenue software.

Calling itself "the adult industry's answer to artificial intelligence sales agents" Virtual Adult Agent offers those "agents" 24/7 to capture sales usually lost when a site visitor exits a tour.

In addition to saving sales, the virtual agent can also be used to promote other sites within the program, up-sell or cross-sell products, as well as offering cancelling members incentives to stay with a site.

 "I believe in repurposing what you already have," said Jenni Dahling, founder of PR Kitty, "It's the site's job to get the traffic, I want to offer more ways to convert that traffic to sales.  There are so many uses for this product and I think sponsors will see an immediate increase in revenue."

Virtual Adult Agent was founded by Pete-KT, owner of Satan Cash, and Charles Anderson, founding partner of Virtual Adult Agent.

Between them, the pair has more than two decades of experience in the adult industry and built the product from the ground up.

 "Jenni brings years of experience with a stable client base that is the perfect fit for our team and long-term business model," Anderson said. We look forward to offering our clients the one-on-one attention and problem solving she can bring to the table."