VirtuaGirlHD Draws 1.25 Million Users in Three Months

PARIS - Software creator TotemCash said the newest version of its free desktop stripper program VirtuaGirlHD has drawn 1.25 million users since its release in January.  

"TotemCash couldn't be prouder of this achievement," company owner Richard "Rex" Excoffier said. "Consumer momentum continues to increase. We should reach the 3-million-sales mark before the summer."

VirtuaGirlHD delivers a new model to users' Windows desktops every morning in high-definition resolution. The model says "Hi," strips and reminds users of appointments. To view full nudity, viewers are required to pay for a $12.95 monthly membership.

The program also includes a community for fan discussions and blogs.

TotemCash said VirtuaGirlHD harbors no spyware, adware or viruses.

Because of the program's strong consumer sales, TotemCash said,  the average affiliate payout has multiplied three- to fivefold.

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