VintageErotica: A History of 20th Century Adult Content

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult content spanning much of the last century is featured on, a new site launched today by industry veterans Howie Klein and Cass Paley.

Two years ago, former Caballero owner Klein purchased vintage video site Blue Vanities and Vintage Erotica mines its treasure trove, offering adult content from the 1910s through the ‘80s. The site features more than 8,000 movies, with new movie updates every day, and also offers 200,000 images, video streaming, 100 percent downloadable movies, a custom music player and a fully searchable database.

"It's the largest vintage library in the world," Klein proudly told "We hooked up with Webquest to put it together and it's been a year in the making.

The site boasts thousand of films, strung together by the decades.  

"It's still a work in progress," Klein said. "It's so large, there's so much; it took so long to get everything up, taking it from film to DVD to digitizing it. There's a ton up stuff not up yet; we're doing it everyday."

Klein expects the membership site to appeal to a cross-generational audience, tapping into nostalgia and a fascination for porn and erotica history over the past century.

"From the old Blue Vanities, we have customers from all over the world," Klein said. "People like the older stuff - the ‘70s and ‘80s is really popular. My taste is like that - I like those girls best. I'm from that era, when they were all natural."

The site includes superstars of the day such as the late Marilyn Chambers and Linda Lovelace.

"This is before she ever did Deep Throat," Klein said.

Stepping back further, one will find strippers and pin-up girls of the 1940s and ‘50s, such as Betty Page and Lilly St. Cyr.

"Or Candy Barr," he continued. "She was a famous stripper and made just one hardcore movie. We have that."

"You'll find the first porno movie ever made, in Italy in 1911, and the first American porno ever made, around 1918," he added.

Klein and partner Paley plan greater expansion and additions to the site. is part of the affiliate program, and offers all-new hosted galleries, banners, RSS feeds, flash ads and more webmaster tools for promotion.

" was built with a vision of creating a truly unique and compelling site that will provide real value to our surfers and offer amazing revenue opportunities to our affiliates," ColdHardCash program manager Christian Amico told "With the amount of content this site has and will continue to be updated with, it's just a huge online powerhouse. Our initial traffic conversion ratios are the lowest I have seen in my 15 years in this industry. Our webmasters will be offered all sorts of promo material and anything custom they may need to make this site one of the top vintage sites on the Web. Look for a lot more to follow from"

For more information about VintageErotica and affiliate opportunities, contact [email protected].